"Nobody ever built a reputation on what they are going to do." -  Henry Ford

Growing your Business

In 2003 I had been caring for the garden at my church for four years. I listened to radio shows, read books and articles about what to do to make good choices and have a beautiful garden, but it was the Texas A&M Master Gardener training � one that took 140 hours of classes and field work to truly give me new eyes.  There are many metaphors about business and gardens. Paul Hawken built a great company and wrote about Growing A Business, as related to these metaphors.  Just as in business you need a plan, so the garden should have a plan.  Read More and you will grow too.

Your Best Year Ever

Every person that sells, either an owner, manager or someone that carries a bag wants this year to be the best year ever. Over 12 years ago people asked me for coaching in selling. I have used the rules of success that helped build or turn around several small businesses. 'What would you want this year?'

During these past 12 years people, who have worked with me, have written books, won awards for being tops in their industry, expanded their personal goals and started new companiesIn other words, they have had their best year ever.   What good is an idea if you can't follow through to make it work? All of my training programs have one key component, a system for implementation that exceeds common training programs. Read More about your Best Year Ever.

101 Tools Using ACT! 2000 to Develop a Sales Strategy ... this is the first book for sales people that use Act!

Use the 3 secrets in ACT! to create better sales results!

Our best customers have had ACT! for a while and know it is more powerful.  My book 101 Tools shows you the steps to build personal power into ACT! and get the power into your daily activities. This power has generated hundreds of sales stories of crushing quotas and sales targets.   Now new Act! users can shorten the learning curve and have the hidden power of Act! too. This book is a tool for implementation of your best work.   Read more

"Clearly the most helpful tool ACT! users can own...easily takes casual or experienced users step-by-step through important processes..." B.C. - Bell Helicopter    

Is the 101 Tools book really different?

Play this testimonial  Ryan's comments.wav  from the Symantec Act! product manager He tells how this book is different than the manual and why!   

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 "Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great."  Fernando Flores


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